A World class Regulator of Professionals in Architecture & Quantity Surveying in Kenya.

Executive Officer

“Architects and Quantity Surveyors make developers dreams come true and this is why we are determined to accelerate growth and development in the building industry. In our context today this should be geared to achieving the goals and the spirit of Vision 2030 which is Kenya’s blue print for development.”

When somebody refers to a developed economy, people infer to an economy where all the types of physical infrastructure are well developed and in perfect condition in addition to other developments. The notable areas associated with a better economy include but not limited to better roads, housing estates, modern rails, access to power and water among others. These are within the building and construction industry which is mainly driven by professionals and therefore no economy can grow without requisite professionals in this industry. It is in our knowledge that the Building and Construction industry controls the biggest budget ever in the developing economies.

The Board has been very active in ensuring that the building industry grows by ensuring that its professionals also grow both in experience and in maintaining a continuous temple in the development of their career.

We as a Board are investing highly to ensure that our mandate is implemented. Amongst our responsibility is to ensure that the professional offers the best of service and earns equal value for it and in turn the public gets value for the investment.

In view of the Emerging markets, we are encouraging professionals to devolve their services to the county level in order to assist the county government in laying firm foundations in the respective disciplines.

We need planned developments so as to avoid emergence of unplanned activities and settlements especially within the urban set up of the counties.

The Board has also been very vibrant in facilitating the Professional Mutual Recognition Agreements within the region in order to open up the opportunities that exist in the region and beyond to our registered persons. Such agreement has been effected in the East African States by Architects since the year 2010.

Our strategy is to build upon this platform by extending such agreements throughout Africa by the year 2030 as a way of anchoring our activities and targets to the country’s blue print of Vision 2030.

We are also open to others globally especially those states that wish to share the Kenyan market and opportunities within our professional realm. As a Board we value and encourage the sharing of global expertise and skills among our professionals as a vehicle of building sustainable businesses.

In practice, our professionals have continued to successfully deliver a high rate of innovation and exemplary creativity.
Globally our professionals have proved that they are true innovators by designing and executing project in Green Architecture, Intelligent Buildings, and Support Software among others in both Architecture and Quantity Surveying

The Board is working with relevant Professional Associations in ensuring the spirit of regional integration is realized in the near future and is proceeding according to plan.

Since the signing of the Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) with other EAC Regulatory bodies, we have recorded a good number of the professionals who are providing their services across the region without too many hurdles in regulatory processes. Similarly, we have since received many professionals who are serving in this country.

Whilst working towards the transformation of the Built Environment, we have not lost sight of the importance of our social, ethical and environmental obligations. Our commitment to customers, general public, shareholders and communities remains strong. The Board has taken upon itself to be participatory especially in advancing the sense of corporate social responsibility and has in the past participated in tree planting and facilitation of blood donation by members to National Blood Transfusion Service who graciously partnered with us towards this noble activity. In deed the Board was and is very grateful to its members for their willingness and participation in these events and we shall endeavor to be more vibrant in such events in future.

The Board has been working hand in hand with Universities and other learning institutions in ensuring that quality training is not compromised.

The Board has also prepared both Architects and Quantity Surveyors Training Manuals for post- graduate training. These manuals are very important to both trainers and trainees during post graduate Training.

The Board is also working with other tertiary learning institutions who have expressed the desire to courses allied to Bachelor’s Degrees in Architecture and or Quantity Surveying in Kenya in order to ensure the syllabi and curricula meet the required standard.

We continue to build, deliver efficiency and realize improvements in our growth graphs as we register unprecedented geographic expansion to the counties.

I am pleased at the progress made particularly in the increased number of graduates received every succeeding year in both professions, and more so the increasing number of those who attend post graduate training especially among our registered persons in practice.

I am also excited about some of the great works by our own professionals in this country, .The opportunities that are ahead of us are numerous and I am confident that we will continue to deliver greater value for our beloved country Kenya, EAC and the entire world.

I would like to thank all our Architects, Quantity Surveyors, Board Members, Committee Members, candidates, our stakeholders as well as members of the public for their continued commitment and support accorded the Board. Together we are committed to a better sustainable Built environment.

God Bless you all.

Mwongera Rukaria

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About Us

The Board was established in 1934 under Cap 525 Laws of Kenya. The Boards mandate is to regulate the professions of Architecture and Quantity Surveying through training, registration and enhancement of ethical practice.